1. General Details

    Acetabular Screws Is Used In The Treatment Of Degenerative Hip Joint Diseases And Osteoarthritis (Coxarthrosis), Which Impairs The Quality Of Human Life Due To Pain And Restriction Of Movement In The Hip And Severely Restricts Daily Activities And Cannot Be Controlled By Medical And Physical Therapy Methods.

  2. Product Tabs
    CODE SIZE (mm)
    AH903ACSCR020 20
    AH903ACSCR025 25
    AH903ACSCR030 30
    AH903ACSCR035 35
    AH903ACSCR040 40
    AH903ACSCR045 45
    AH903ACSCR050 50
    AH903ACSCR055 55
    AH903ACSCR060 60

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