The II. Ikiztepe Health Summit, which will be held in Samsun, will host delegations from 20 different countries.

The skeletons of people who underwent brain surgery, excavated in the Ikiztepe archaeological excavations, reflect the true beginning of Samsun’s health history. The Ikiztepe Health Summit takes its name from this historical heritage in the Bafra district of our province. Samsun, which has become one of the world’s top 3 surgical instrument production centers, is taking steps to assert itself more in the world by transitioning to new technologies and products in medical device manufacturing. Samsun has been playing an active role for years with its experience in medical devices and healthcare facilities in Turkey and global markets. Samsun is not only a significant healthcare city for the region but also for our country, always achieving top-level investments in the healthcare sector and maintaining its pioneering position with these contributions. The II. Ikiztepe Health Summit will discuss renewal in health technologies, clustering in healthcare services, health quality-accreditation, pharmaceutical and medical device industries, and health tourism in Samsun.

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