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The II. Ikiztepe Health Summit, which will be held in Samsun, will host delegations from 20 different countries. The skeletons of people who underwent brain surgery, excavated in the Ikiztepe archaeological excavations, reflect the true beginning of Samsun’s health history. The Ikiztepe Health Summit takes its name from this historical heritage in the Bafra district […]

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Samsun’un ünü yurtdışına yayılmış ihracat firmalarından Aysam Ortopedi Tıbbi Aletler ailesi geleneksel iftar yemeğinde bir araya geldi Samsun’un organize sanayi bölgesinde(OSB), kurulduğu günden bu yana büyük aşama gerçekleştirerek dünyaya ihracat alanında da bölgenin gurur firması olan Aysam Ortopedi ve Tıbbi Aletler yöneticileri ve personel, geleneksel iftar yemeğinde bir kez daha buluşmanın sevincini yaşadı. ‘HAYALLERİMİZ BİRLİKTE […]

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2024 MEDEF

The MEDEF National Orthopedics and Spine Surgery Suppliers Congress took place as a first of its kind in our country, and we also participated in this pioneering congress held at the Amara Luxury Resort & Villas Hotel in Antalya-Kemer. The congress was organized by MEDEF and led by MEDEF President, who is also our General […]

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Arab Health brings together key stakeholders to collaborate and make healthcare a more sustainable, positive impact industry. Discover the way forward through sustainable and innovative solutions that will disrupt existing models, revolutionising healthcare for future generations. Experience the future of healthcare from 29 January – 01 February at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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How Long Do Intramedullary Nails Stay In?

The duration for which intramedullary nails stay in place depends on various factors, including the nature of the fracture, the healing process, and the surgeon’s decision. Intramedullary nails are often intended to provide internal fixation for the long bones during the healing period. Here are some general considerations: In many cases, intramedullary nails are intended […]

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Is Intramedullary Nail Permanent?

Intramedullary nails are commonly used in orthopedic surgery for the fixation and stabilization of long bone fractures, particularly in the femur and tibia. These nails are inserted into the medullary canal of the bone and are designed to provide internal support during the healing process. The question of whether an intramedullary nail is permanent depends […]

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