About Us

Since our establishment in 2001, we have continued to develop and produce with a focus on knowledge, technology, and human and animal health. While progressing with the awareness that our primary responsibility is to our patients and healthcare workers, we combine our knowledge and experience with modern engineering methods to help millions of patients heal and regain their mobility. We reach patients all over the world through our exports to over +100 countries across 6 continents, as well as through public hospitals, veterinary clinics, and distributors domestically. Emphasizing the importance of accessible healthcare for all, we ensure our products reach many aid organizations both domestically and internationally. Through our R&D and P&D activities, we enhance efficiency and contribute to the development and progress of our country, while continuing to support all projects endorsed by TÜBİTAK, universities, and other institutions with our products.

Aware that our responsibility extends beyond human and animal health, we adopt a sustainable production approach in all our production processes with the vision of “living well within planetary boundaries,” ensuring that we do not harm our country’s resources or the environment.

At Aysam, we prioritize Total Quality Management. Our quality management, based on principles such as customer satisfaction, leadership, collaboration, and participation, aims to meet our customers’ expectations, minimize errors, increase efficiency, and most importantly, continuously educate and develop our employees. We acknowledge that no process is flawless, from raw materials to all production and post-sales processes, and we embrace continuous improvement as our quality policy.

We host a total of 26,961 products, including 14,170 orthopedic trauma products, 285 total knee and hip arthroplasty, 741 sterilization containers and accessories, perforated sterilization baskets, 410 maxillofacial (implant) products, and 11,355 orthopedic surgical instruments and orthopedic surgical instrument sets. With our ongoing R&D and P&D efforts, we continue to expand our product portfolio each year.

We take pride in offering various solutions, from our doctors to our patients, with new developments in the field of orthopedic devices and medical technology, and we continue our work with the same dedication and enthusiasm as on our first day.

Quality Management

In all our processes, being aware that we work in the field of human and animal health, we carry out production and post-production processes in compliance with CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 standards, and the 93/42/EEC Medical Devices Directive. We ensure the safe and effective production and distribution of our products, enabling the use of high-tech devices in the healthcare sector.