What are the disadvantages of sterilization containers?


What are the disadvantages of sterilization containers?

Disadvantages of Sterilization Containers are seen if Sterilization Containers are not used according to the instruction manual. When sterilization containers are used according to instruction manual, there are no disadvantages of them from sight of Sterilization and keeping the inside contents of them as sterile for a while. If sterilization is not made properly, development of infection is the disadvantage.

Sterilization is made to kill viable microorganisms, when the sterilization process is done properly and Sterilization containers are used according to instruction manual, they do their function correctly.

Aysam recommends steam autoclave sterilization with pre-vacuum (air extraction from the autoclave) function. Autoclaves must be validated/calibrated, maintained, checked, and comply with their requirements under EN 285 / EN 13060, EN ISO 17665, and ANSI AAMI ST79.

The ultimate responsibility for the verification of sterility using the equipment and processes of the healthcare facility and the parameters provided by Aysam rests with the healthcare facility. To ensure optimum processing, all cycles and methods should be validated for different sterilization chambers, packaging methods, and/or various loading configurations.

For a successful sterilization, the autoclave cabinet, sterilization containers must be free of water/moisture residues. A wet package and excessive moisture can create favorable environments for the growth of microorganisms and cause biological contamination (contamination) problems.

Because; Before the surgery, in the operating room, it should be checked whether there is water/moisture at the bottom of the container and whether the surgical cloths are moist, together with the control of biological and chemical indicators inside the sterilization container.

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