What is an orthopedic implant?


What is an orthopedic implant?

Orthopedic implants are medical devices used in bone surgery applications to fix bone fractures, bone osteotomies, to replace impaired joints due to orthopedic joint disorders. There are many kinds of orthopaedic implants. Orthopaedic implants generally divided into two groups ; internal orthopedic implants & external orthopedic implants.

Internal orthopedic implants are bone plates, bone screws, bone pins, bone wires, intramedullary bone nails etc. There are many kinds of internal orthopedic implants, designs were done according to bone anatomies, sizes of bones & configurations of fractures or osteotomies.

Arthroplasty orthopaedic implants are other types of joint replacement internal orthopaedic implants; they are used for treatment of osteoarthritis of joints (coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis etc. ). Knee arthroplasty products & hip arthroplasty products are the mainly used arthroplasty products. Finger joint replacement, elbow joint replacement, ankle joint replacement, wrist joint replacement products & radial head arthroplasty products are some of other arthroplasty ( joint replacement) products.

Arhroscopy & spinal implants are another group of other types of internal orthopaedic implants. Arthroscopic implants are used for the treatment of joint and ligament disorders due to sports injuries ( interference screws, staples, suture anchors, endobuttons). Spinal implants are used for treatment of spinal fractures, spinal deformities (scoliosis, mall de pott, congenital deformities etc.), sponyloarthrosis , spinal tumors etc. There are many types of spinal implants ; spinal screws (monoaxial-fixed, polyaxial-multiaxial, pediatric, spondylolisthesis screws etc.), spinal plates ( lomber, thoracic, cervical, anterior plates etc.) spinal cages, spinal disc replacement(intervertebral disc replacement) prostheses etc.

External fixator ortopedic implants are externally used orthopedic implants , they are attached externally to the wire, pins or screws that are fixed to bones. There are many types of external fixators designed for treatment of orthopedic disorders, bone fractures, bone defects & for bone lengthening procedures. External fixators are generally classified as unilateral (uniplanar), multiaxial (multiplanar), circular, hybrid.

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